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OBJECTIVEwww.wrtbuzz.com3.5 The objective of the selection process is to identify and select right person for the right job following the recruitment process.POLICYwww.wrtbuzz.com3.6 The significant policies related to conduct of tests, interviews and selection of suitable candidates are summarised below:• Candidates are evaluated using approved person specifications and selection criteria. Wherever considered necessary, interview panel may conduct multiple interviews of a candidate.• The interview panel should comprise of at least two persons; head of user department and head of Human Resource department. In case of non-management jobs, their subordinates in management cadre may be nominated to form the interview panel.www.wrtbuzz.com• For positions in management grades, the interview panel is required to shortlist and recommend at least three candidates for each position and specify the order of priority to the Chief Executive Officer. For positions in non-management grades, Head of user department is authorised to approve or reject a candidate.• Interview panel should always indicate stand-by candidate(s); this practice would save time and efforts if a selected candidate does not accept the offer.www.wrtbuzz.com• Wherever possible, appropriate tests should be conducted for benchmark positions like Computer Operator, Secretaries etc., in order to validate their ability.• The communication of offer to the selected candidate is made by the Head of the Human Resource department based on written approval and instructions of the Competent Authority.www.wrtbuzz.com• Offer to selected candidate is made by Head of Human Resource department, preferably in the presence of the head of the user department. A time period of ten to fifteen days may be allowed to the selected candidate by which acceptance of employment offer may be communicated to Head of Human Resource department.• Travelling and/or daily allowances are not payable to the candidates.PROCEDUREwww.wrtbuzz.com3.7 Selection of suitable candidates to fill requisitioned positions is based on interviews of short listed applicants who are identified following scrutiny of applications which is carried out on the basis of following checklist. List of applicants is prepared for short listing of candidates.www.wrtbuzz.com Educational and professional qualifications Experience Analytical abilities Short Listing Criteria Relevant knowledge of areas Knowledge of areas beyond job requirements Agewww.wrtbuzz.com3.8 The Human Resource department on the recommendation of head of user department prepares a list of short listed candidates. The Human Resource department is responsible for scheduling interviews and communicating the date, venue and time of interviews to the short listed applicants. Every attempt must be made to let minimum time elapse between advertising of the post and calling of candidates for interview. The detailed steps to be followed are described below.www.wrtbuzz.comResponsibilityHR ExecutivePrepares interview/test schedule for interviewing short listed candidates.Discusses schedule with members of the interview panel, obtains confirmation of their availability and make arrangement of test/interview.www.wrtbuzz.comPrepares Test/Interview Letter, and obtains approval from Head of Human Resource department/Head of concerned department.Issues Interview Letters with Employment Application Form to the short listed candidates specifying date, time and venue of interview. Follow up call letter with a telephone call (whenever possible) to the candidate to confirm receipt of call letter.Head of Human Resource Departmentwww.wrtbuzz.comEnsures that proper arrangement for conducting test/interview have been finalised. Advises candidates of change in venue/time; if any.HR ExecutiveReceives candidates on the date of interview. Obtains filled Employment Application Form from each candidate and checks for completeness.Prepares photocopy of Employment Application form and forwards to the members of the interview panel for their review before interview alongwith Interview Assessment form.www.wrtbuzz.comProvides assistance to interview panel when desired during conduct of interviews.Members of Interview Panel Interview each candidate individually and, record assessment and recommendation.Inform the Head of Human Resource department to call specified candidate(s) for additional interview, if necessary.In case suitable candidates are not found from amongst the short listed candidates, inform Head of Human Resource department to generate additional applicants.www.wrtbuzz.comHead of Human Resource DepartmentPrepares summary of interview assessment and forwards it to the Head of user department.Head of user DepartmentEvaluates assessment and recommendations of the interview panel and shortlists best candidate(s), informs the Head of Human Resource department to call the candidates for additional interviews, if necessary, before finalizing selection.Head of Human Resource Departmentwww.wrtbuzz.comReceives a list of selected candidates and prepares Offer Form for all new appointments specifying name, designation, remuneration, probation period etc.Forwards Offer Form to the Competent Authority for signature and approval.www.wrtbuzz.comCompetent AuthorityReceives and reviews the Offer Form and approves selection of candidate, initials on the Offer Form and forwards Offer Form to Head of Human Resource department for further processing. If he/she feels the need to interview the candidate himself/herself, advises the Head of Human Resource department accordingly.Head of Human Resource Departmentwww.wrtbuzz.comReceives and informs approval of Competent Authority to the concerned Head of Department. Where Competent Authority wishes to interview candidate, arranges for such interview.Contacts the candidate, communicates the offer, obtains signature on the Offer Form.HR ExecutiveArranges to prepare pre-employment medical examination letter comprising medical check-up and specified radiology and pathological tests and ensures its delivery to candidate in a sealed envelope.Head of Human Resource Departmentwww.wrtbuzz.comReceives report from (Organization)’s nominated doctor and ensures that candidate is medically fit.In case of non-acceptance of offer by a candidate, makes an offer to the “second best” candidate.Advises the candidate to bring educational and employment certificates, original ID card and recent passport size photographs, and also provides details of bank account for salary disbursement, on the date of joining.www.wrtbuzz.com
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