AL-IKHWAN GROUP OF INDUSTRIESAPPOINTMENT LETTERDate:(State Name of Applicant)(State Address of Applicant)www.wrtbuzz.comSubject: Appointment as (State designation)Dear (State Name of Applicant)We are pleased to extend an offer of appointment to you on (State nature) as (State designation) in Band (State Band) with effect from (State Date) on following terms and conditions.Your monthly Gross Salary will be:Basic:House Rent Allowance:Utilities and Conveyance Allowance:Other Benefits: (State other benefits if awarded)Gross Salary:www.wrtbuzz.comYou will be required to serve a probation period of (State duration) commencing from the date you take up your duties, during which period either side can terminate the employment without notice. On completion of probation period, your services will be confirmed after evaluation of your performance during probation. AL-IKHWAN reserves the right to extend the probation period as it may consider necessary.You will be entitled to provident fund as per AL-IKHWAN Provident Fund Policy, medical insurance as per AL-IKHWAN Insurance Policy and other post employment benefits as per policy on the event of confirmation of your services.www.wrtbuzz.comYour employment is subject to your being found medically fit by the AL-IKHWAN appointed doctor.You will be entitled to avail annual, casual and sick leaves as per AL-IKHWAN Leave Policy.You Working Hours will be from (State time) to (State time). However AL-IKHWAN reserves the right to change your working hours as it deem may consider necessary.AL-IKHWAN reserves the right to transfer you at any other location/office of AL-IKHWAN as it may consider fit.You will be subject to the AL-IKHWAN Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Policy and other policies and procedures of AL-IKHWAN as structured from time to time.During continuation of your service, you will neither directly or indirectly on full or part time basis, be engaged or concerned in any other business activity, employment with other organization or any other paid vocation.www.wrtbuzz.comYou shall not, during your employment, except as authorized by the AL-IKHWAN, in any way divulge or make known to any person any information relating to the AL-IKHWAN business or any other information confidential in nature which may come to your knowledge in the course of your employment.AL-IKHWAN will deduct tax at source from your salary before payment as per the Tax Laws of Pakistan.Your appointment may be terminated at any time during its currency by either party giving to the other one calendar month notice or one month salary in lieu of notice. During notice period, you will not avail leaves except otherwise approved. Provided however, that in the event the termination of your services due to misconduct of which the AL-IKHWAN shall be the sole judge, no notice by the AL-IKHWAN shall be required to be given and no salary in lieu of notice will be payable.You shall be retired from employment upon reaching the age of sixty as per AL-IKHWAN Retirement Policy.Please sign the attached copy of this letter and return it as a token of your acceptance of all terms and conditions stated in this letter latest by (State date). In case you do not convey your acceptance by the said date, this appointment shall be treated as cancelled.Regardswww.wrtbuzz.com(State Name)Chief Operating OfficerAl-Ikhwan Group of Industries
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