There are many ways to describe HR planning; followings are also some useful definitions about HR planning,HR planning is actually manpower management according to the organizational mission, vision, and objectives.“A key function of HR planning is to choose/select /depute the right persons for job at the right time”.Second definition could be like that,www.wrtbuzz.com“The procedures in which organization make sure that, he is a right person, who is competent of finishing the tasks which are very important for the organization to achieve its goals”.Training Planningwww.wrtbuzz.comTraining program planned by HR department are very important for the overall progress /development of the organization because in these programs, organization polishes the skill of its employees according to the latest requirements and then by using that skill fulfilled its goals.Training plans by HR should be very vast in meanings/results; it should be starts for training to proper deputation to get the fruitful results. It is in common observation that many organizations are conducting the training programs very often but change is not noticed ,the reason behind is planning is not accordingly and professionals are doing the same business after attending dozens of training programs .At the other end if plan is sound and for long term results i.e from training to deputations, and then evaluations according to the training tolls then modification and actions to resolve the problems and for proper implementation ,these training programs can play a very useful part for the development of the organization.www.wrtbuzz.comSuggestions• According to the business goals ,get the acceptance of the management and then stars planning for key personals• Evaluate the personals to identify their lackings• Choose proper training programs to remove the lackings• Evaluations the trained staff after three months of duty resumption• Then appropriate actions to remove the problems facing by the trained personals to apply the training tools to the ground• Conduct more training programs for other staff facing problems to accept the change in skill of trained staffwww.wrtbuzz.comModulesThe modules of HRMS could be as follows,• Payroll• Recruitment• Selection and applicant database• Benefits• Training and staff development• Performance Management, appraisal and performance planningwww.wrtbuzz.com
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