Preface:Like every step of professional functions done by HR department, to make an effective job description is also very important and as it is just before the hiring of a suitable candidates that’s why we can say that it is as important as a structure of a building before starting the real process to build.www.wrtbuzz.comIt is a common situation that HR department needs to fill a single vacancy or few but the applications received are very big in quantity that’s why to choose a suitable candidate is like to a best mango from the mango garden or something like that. For that purpose it is necessary for HR to draw some parameters which can help to find a best candidate from the heap of CVs.www.wrtbuzz.comWhere job description is very important, it is very simple at a time because in job description you need to add the responsibly/duties against a particular position and requirements. A better job description not only helps the HR personals to find a best candidate but also it is a good contribution for the progress of the organization by HR department. Job description can also helps the HR to make a proper add to announce a particular position.Important Tips to make a Suitable Job DescriptionClear wordingwww.wrtbuzz.comThe language of the job description should be very clear and easy under standable.HR should also keep it in mind that he should address a person according to his/her qualification and told him/her about duties/responsibilities in very clear ways i.e the position is “Admin Manager” the wording should be like that, “admin manager will manage the board meeting in highly professional ways” instead of “admin manager will do his best to manage the board meeting”.Skill Huntingwww.wrtbuzz.comAs HR have a lot of skilled candidates so for the best filling of the vacancy HR personals should hunt the proper skilled person and should create a very targeted job description to fill the position.i.e HR personal should choose a highly educated candidates having proper experience and good professional achievements record for the position of Assistant manager operations from many candidates having lakes in any one thing, education, experience or achievements.Avoid Unnecessary Lengthwww.wrtbuzz.comA job description should be to the point and HR personals should avoid the unnecessary details thus it could be weightless and could not produced proper results.Ask for helpAs HR personals are working in a particular department although they have a lot of knowledge about the functions of other departments i.e accounts, admin, operations but they don’t know all the ground factors, so before making a comprehensive job description, it is important to ask from the head /supervisor about his/her needs about newcomer, in this way this job will be done perfectly by the HR personals and they can make a best job description.www.wrtbuzz.com
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