POLICYwww.wrtbuzz.com8.1 The operational activities are built around (Organization)’s strategic plans. Human resources are the most critical resource for meeting our objectives. Key processes proceeding career development are:www.wrtbuzz.com• Recruitment i.e. quality/qualifications of the intake; in other words, the input. The employee must have been/be selected on merit and have the potential and willingness to grow.• Performance appraisal, feedback and counselling – this sets the stage for the employee and his/her supervisor to discuss performance, strengths and weaknesses, career aspirations and future steps to be taken individually by (Organization) and the employee to meet mutual goals.CAREER PLANNINGwww.wrtbuzz.com8.2 Career management is a shared responsibility and thus a two way process between the employee and the employer; the latter being represented by the employees’ superior(s). The major and indeed the initial efforts come from the employee himself/herself with the help and guidance coming from his/her manager(s).www.wrtbuzz.com8.3 While employees need to be very clear in their career goals and be willing to put in their best efforts, including improvement of their educational qualifications if required, (Organization) provide the necessary guidance, training opportunities and job assignments as far as possible and as it finds appropriate.CAREER DEVELOPMENT8.4 (Organization) objectives for staff career development are as follows:www.wrtbuzz.com• We wish to have in place and also develop human resources of a high quality, delivering quality performance. This is vital for our growth.• By providing training and development to all our employees, we shall improve their competencies so as to increase possibilities of their personal growth and thus contribute to (Organization)’s goals.• Motivate our employees to constantly make efforts towards improvement of performance and to seek higher responsibilities.• Ensure that our performance management systems help the employees in analysing their capabilities and interests and to facilitate the realisation of their career goals through their career development.www.wrtbuzz.com
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