Preface:www.wrtbuzz.comEmployee is an important asset for the organization and for continues progress and sustainability employees’ retention is very important for the organization. Well known and superior organizations that have professional maturity are very much caring about their employees because they discovered this secret during the struggle to get superiorority. In following lines we will discuss the essential tools of retention of the employees.www.wrtbuzz.comWagesAs most of the professionals are very much touchy about the salaries and the main reason of turnover is also to switch for better package so, organization should pay competitive salaries according to the skill of the employees .In this way employee will focus on the assigned duties rather to search job for better package during duty hours and he will be stuck with his current job as he could not find such package in the market as he getting. In this way if organization is spending little bit high then the market, she is also having an asset in the form of a skilled and high professional employee in its team.www.wrtbuzz.comFlexibilityIt is in common observation that most of the organizations are very strict for the attendance and presence of the employees and even it is a common practice to retain the employees after duty timing and very negative response to the leaves of the employees.Although for the smooth functions of the operations attendance of the employees are very important but at the other end the social life of an employee is also very important for him/her, so if organization will not balance the both, employees will feel pain when they could not attend their domestic functions /ceremonies. In this way they will not be so motivated towards their assigned jobs and keep searching job in other organizationswww.wrtbuzz.comhaving better system for employees to accommodate on such occasions and will be switched with out hesitation when they will find the same .In this way organization will lose one professional from the team.Prolonged Existencewww.wrtbuzz.comEmployees are grateful for an employer who honors long service. Organizations are used to kick out their employees whom are serving from long time to avoid expenses (high increments, bonuses) but this is a show of immaturity in professionalism because the new employee may be serve and full fill the primary requirement of the job but as he did not know the deeps and not having such skill so he will only perform duty instead of playing active part for the continuous progress of the organization.www.wrtbuzz.comCare of Self RespectA common man needs two things as these are rare to find in pair so if some body will find them together, his journey will be ended, yes I am talking about self respect of the employees along with impressive salary packages. If employer is proving the both, he can get the double performance from the employee because employee will be more motivated for the organization’s interest and did his best to get the goals for the same.Communicationswww.wrtbuzz.comCommunications with the employee is also very important, in this way you can judge the issues and problems related to the employee and organization and you can treat a disease on early stage before it will be a cancer.Through communication you should told the employee about the interest of the organization and the solution of the problems related to him/her but tactfully.Retention Bonuseswww.wrtbuzz.comGood or bad time in business is the part of the game so if you will not took care of your employees during slump, they will left you for their food and when you will be in a position to restart, you will have to hire the new comers which will not be so useful instead of the old ones, so employer should pay retention bonuses during mergers, acquisitions, plant or site closures, financial difficulties.www.wrtbuzz.comFor more useful material please keep visiting http://www.wrtbuzz.com
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