Wear those dresses which show you a descent/reasonable and professionalMen and WomenAll clothes should be neatly pressed.www.wrtbuzz.com Traditional two-piece business suite (solid dark blue or gray is best) Traditional long-sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best) Clean, polished, conformist shoes Clean and well-groomed hairstyle Clean, trimmed fingernails Minimal cologne or fragrance Empty pockets – no noisy itemswww.wrtbuzz.comMenNecktie should be silk with a conformist pattern Dark shoes clean and polished In socks (white is best) Short hair always fairs best in interviews properly trimmed and cleaned beards and mustaches No earrings No heavy colognewww.wrtbuzz.comWomen suit with a jacket; or a sheath dress with a jacket (traditional dress is also acceptable Do not wear extremely high-heeled or platform shoes Do not wear open-toe shoes or mules (they are more casual) Conservative hosiery at or near skin color (and no runs!) If you wear nail polish (not required), use clear or a conservative color One set of earrings only Conservative makeup No heavy perfume No heavy colognewww.wrtbuzz.com
Original source article: HR.COM