The interview is a two-way process. The company interviewing you that whether you are suitable to the position in which you applied and you will want to find out if the company and position are right for you?www.wrtbuzz.comYou should therefore ensure that if your are going to join a position/company, is this same which you need and searching for? You should therefore, need to ask few questions to make your mind /satisfaction.As being a candidate you are on a sensitive position so be careful at this stage and ask only relative questions in good manners and avoid the unnecessary ones. For you complete guidance a selected sample of the questions to the interviewer is as under:www.wrtbuzz.com What is the current position of the company? Is its progress accordingly? What are the expansion plans of the company? In case of my hiring, what is my position? Can I play a positive and significant part in the growth of the company? What will be my responsibilities? Where I will fit into the overall organizational structure? What training do you provide? Who will I report to? Where does he/she fit in the structure? Who will report to me? How experienced are they?www.wrtbuzz.com What do you expect me to do? What will the first task and period of competition? What level of performance do you expect from me? What are the chances of advancement/promotion in this position? When? What will be my salary, benefits and bonuses? Will relocation be required now or in the future? When will you decide on the appointment? What is the next step?www.wrtbuzz.comRemember, all the above mentioned questions will be ask at final stage of your interview or only when interviewer will starts this even in the middle or before during interview.www.wrtbuzz.com
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