If you’re not getting the job offers you desire then you need to look carefully at your interview performance. You should try and get as much feedback as possible from the people who have interviewed you.Re-Interview Planningwww.wrtbuzz.comModify the techniquesIf you get an opportunity to ask the reasons from the interviewer of your fell down you can modify your interview techniques and hopefully do better at the next interview.Revision of CV answerswww.wrtbuzz.comAs most of the time interviewer asked the questions according to your CV which he always tried to placed at their front ,you should reviewed the answers of the questions which are related to your CV and your preparations of those questions must be revised.CV Modificationwww.wrtbuzz.comIf your CV has unnecessary details, more idealistic words or phrases, it could also a reason of your rejections because most interviewers like to see a short but complete CV.Secondly most idealistic words and phrases showed that you want this job at any cost even to show you that person which you are not actually.Dress selectionwww.wrtbuzz.comMost people have very low range of good dresses so they keep on using the same at any occasion even at the time of interviews. But as due to insufficient vacancies, a candidate have to appear for different /similar vacancies with improper dress .So it is important to have a proper dress while going for an interview according to the whole scenario.Dot ever lose your confidencewww.wrtbuzz.comIf you are not getting a job even after many interviews, you are not single reason for that because many circumstances are involved in it and most important is that your time (good time) is waiting for you so keep waiting for that time with good passion.Use your interview for knowledgewww.wrtbuzz.comGain as much knowledge as you can from interviews. Never make the same mistakes again.What I often did was to ask the question that I am often asked in interviews. For example, “Why do you like working for XYZ Company?” Then you have some hints in terms of what to say when the next one asks you, “What do you like about XYZ Company?” Since the question “What do you think of the Japanese economy?” was often asked, I made sure that I asked the interviewer’s opinion at the end. So my answer got better and better as I went through more interviews.www.wrtbuzz.comFinally, in those interviews where I had trouble solving a case or answering a specific question, I later asked the interviewers what kind of response he or she was looking for. By asking these questions, you never make the same mistakes twice.www.wrtbuzz.com
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