By: Celina KleePALM BEACH GARDENS, FL—It’s the same old story…student graduates college, tries to get a job in their chosen field of study, and they wind up flipping burgers. With student loans looming in the future and no career prospects in sight, students (and parents) have numerous reasons to panic. Due to this on-going career pandemic, LF Staffing Technology has initiated a new program called “Fresh Picked” for recent college graduates by filling temporary and permanent IT staffing positions for the most demanding hiring managers with the perfect candidate. “It was through one of our other corporate sponsored programs that I learned many college graduates were having difficulty finding jobs,” stated Debra Neser, Director of Business Development, for LF Staffing Technology. “With that in mind, we decided to launch the Fresh Picked program to aid recent graduates. The beauty of Fresh Picked is LF Staffing Technology matches recent graduates, many, whom are actually super stars, to companies with entry-level positions.”Colleges are trying to do their best in their career development centers by offering many tools to the students. However, without professional contacts and experience, recent graduates may go unnoticed. “The perception is that these recent grads are not valuable yet. The truth is, many of them have obtained a great education and are very excited and eager to share ideas and work hard to prove them-selves and corporate America can snatch them up at lower pay levels and nurture them,” stated Neser. As these recent graduates’ grow and become more valuable, companies may increase their compensation over time. “One of the amazing aspects of Fresh Picked is that it is beneficial for everyone. Companies will receive recent graduates who are intelligent and enthusiastic at discounted rates and the graduate obtains an opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they learned from college to enter the workforce. In addition, it is great to see corporate America’s tremendous support to our project,” said Neser.
Original source article: HR.COM