Human Resources Management Systemwww.wrtbuzz.comPhone interviews appear to be increasing more frequent as search committees try to make the difficult decision of who to invite for a site interview. When you pass this stage you will pass the interview, and to site for in-person interview, you will be offered the position! If you are not interviewed by phone, these same questions are likely to be asked on site.Some useful tips.www.wrtbuzz.comIntroduce yourself clearly and directly. Implementation of some “small talk” to start the interview, just as you would in an interview face to face.Speak clearly to the receiver and adjust your voice, your voice is the only way you have to show effort and energy and enthusiasm to work. Voice reveals both your personality and your attitude towards the caller. Do not forget to smile: It makes a big difference in the conversation, even by phone.www.wrtbuzz.comSome candidates find it helpful to dress up for phone interview because your wording is depending on your condition and if you have proper dressing, you will speak more professionally instead while you are sitting in idle mode.Do not speak more then limits to impress the interviewer but as much as important to deliver the object.www.wrtbuzz.comYou should sit down if you are standing and focus on the questions/wording because if you are walking you can’t concentrate, resultantly, you can’t reply accordingly.www.wrtbuzz.comDiscard immediate environment (toys, office and newspaper clippings, and your shopping list). In a telephone interview with the bonus that you can prearrange notes quickly follow you and keep you, but only if you can deal with them innocent. You do not want to hear the person on the other end of the line shuffling papers in the background.www.wrtbuzz.com
Original source article: HR.COM