Before your interview you need to do some preparations for that because it has been keenly observed the candidates who take their interviews as a project and made proper preparations/efforts for that, their success rate was very high.www.wrtbuzz.comFollowings are the possible steps which can raise your success rate:Information about the organizationYou need to find out everything you can about the company through internet ,company brochures and year end statements, the area chamber of commerce, networking ask friends, relatives, teachers, social and business contacts etc.The information can be about the followings:www.wrtbuzz.com What are the products and services? What is its reputation? What types of jobs are available? What are the hiring policies and practices? What are their salary ranges? What are their goals?www.wrtbuzz.comThe information most helpful for the interviewing process includes knowing the product manufactured or service offered. You should find out the size of the company and if they have multiple locations. Who are their competitors? Did they recently merge with another company?Preparations of expected questions.You should Re-read your application, thinking through your own career and the questions they might ask you. You should try to anticipate the general questions which they will ask.www.wrtbuzz.comYour CV is also a main source of questions for employer because if he wants to check your ability, he wills definitely starts or through your resume. so prepare answers of those expected question which he may be ask.www.wrtbuzz.comBe prepared with answers to why you want to work at that particular organization, and how you would be the best candidate for this position. Understanding the company, their mission and their environment will help you with these questions.Compulsory part of your interviewwww.wrtbuzz.comTo do well at the interview you will need to convince the interviewer you are technically qualified to do the job. You will also need to show that you are sufficiently motivated to get the job done well and that you will fit in with the company’s organizational structure and the team in which you will work.www.wrtbuzz.comYour education, training and experience what you have done, know how to do and can do.Remember all the skills, abilities and talents you possess that will make you an excellent employee.Dressing and timingYou should dress smartly for the interview and should leave home earlier than you need to on the day of the interview – you may be delayed by traffic or for other reasons.www.wrtbuzz.comBe courteous to all employees of the company. At the interview itself you must be positive about yourself and your abilities.Necessary papers arrangementYou must be keep all the necessary papers in good and arranged form and these preparations must be takes place a reasonable time before your interview.www.wrtbuzz.comFollowings may be the list of those documents:www.wrtbuzz.com Resume or personal data sheet Experience certificates Awards or certificates of excellence from previous employers Licenses, Social Security card and/or military records Samples of work,if relevant List of questions you want to ask the interviewer about the jobPre- Interview Checklistwww.wrtbuzz.combefore you leave home for your interview, check the following:Do you know the interviewer,s name? If not, get it from the receptionist before the interview.Have you formulated answers for usual interview questions?Do you have all necessary information for the interview? This includes items such as resume or personal data sheet,names and addresses of references, pen and note pad.Schedule the interview at a time that will not conflict with your working hours. Most interviewers will understand you not wanting to take off work at your current position to interview for other jobs.www.wrtbuzz.comDress properly for the interview. Dress slacks, dress shirt, a tie and possibly a sport coat for men. Women should wear a knee length (or longer)skirt or pants, and blouse. If a skirt is your choice, be sure to wear nylons. Dont forget the dress shoes.www.wrtbuzz.com
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