There are a lot of ideas that people have each and every day. Some of those ideas are good, in the thinker’s mind, and some of them not-so-good. But never-the-less people are thinking in the work place about a lot of different things that can hopefully move their company forward and add value. A plan, by the definition, is a method of doing something that is worked out in advance. Strategy is another word that is synonymous with laying the groundwork for a plan. By definition it is a carefully devised plan of action to achieve a goal. Interesting how a plan and a strategy sort of go hand in glove.I guarantee you the teams that are gearing up for the Tour de France, that will be taking place, in just a couple months have a plan in place and a strategy for each of the different stages. They have thought about the weather conditions that may occur and the other teams that will be around them, their strengths and their weaknesses, the mountain stages and time trials.But what if those same teams sat around the conference room table and made the most elaborate plan and came up with an amazing strategy to win……and never rode in the race.The same holds true in today’s HR departments – when HR and Payroll hold meetings to discuss the plan for the coming year for their company with regard to Benefits, Training, Staff Development, Retention, Rewards, Compensation, etc. They put a strategy in place that will move the company forward, allow for growth, increased revenue, employee satisfaction and lower costs in their functional areas, but……they never act on the plan or put it in place.I’m sure the teams that are getting ready to race the Tour de France have some things they are questioning about their plan and just like your HR department your questions are valid. What happens if we fall flat on our face – well in the road race that would hurt – (road rash is not fun). In the business world – just like on the bike – you can envision all the different scenarios and work through them before they occur. Are you going to be 100% accurate – NO – are you going to get everything 100% correct the first time – NO – but until you step up to the starting line you’ll never know if your plan will work or not.Don’t fall victim to the habit of being the Professional Planner – realize that you can only move yourself, your department and your company forward if you put into practice the amazing plans that you have been plotting for some time. Have confidence in your plans and strategies, take it one stage at a time and I guarantee at some point you’ll be wearing a yellow jersey.Connect with me:tourdehr.wordpress.com/twitter.com/#!/ToddBlackHRMSwww.linkedin.com/pub/todd-black/37/a95/623
Original source article: HR.COM