LEAVE POLICY1. Classification of Leaves The regular employees can avail the following leavesa) Casual Leave–10 daysb) Sick Leave–08 daysc) Annual / Privilege Leave–14 days (after one year)d) Maternity Leave–90 days (once in service)e) Special Leave–03 days (self marriage)–03 days (family death case)www.wrtbuzz.comMore than 3 days planned leave must be submitted to the HR Department for approval at least one week before start of leave.1. Casual Leavea) A regular employee can avail casual leave up to three days at a time with the approval of his / her Manager / Head of Department.b) The approved casual leave applications shall be instantly submitted by the concerned departments to the HR department.c) Minimum half day and maximum 3 days casual leave shall be granted. Afterexpiry of leave period, an employee should join the duty on time.d) In case he / she desires any extension of leave he / she shall apply to Head of department and head of department shall submit “Leave extension application form to HR department for getting approval of the management”.e) A Sunday or Holiday falling between the first and the last day of any leave period shall count as part of leave.www.wrtbuzz.comf) The TM / HOD is authorized to approve maximum 3 days casual leave after checking the leave balance from HR department.g) Balance of Casual Leave shall be allowed to encash on completion of service year.h) Casual leave without pay longer duration in case of reserve training, overseas travel etc. shall be allowed by the approval of Management if there is no leave in balance.i) In case of Resign / Termination / Dismissal etc. no encashment shall be made for balance of casual leave.2. Sick Leavea) A regular employee can avail sick leave up to three days at a time with the approval of his / her Manager / Head of Department.b) In case of more than three days leave the employee shall submit / convey the valid medical certificate issued by Company’s panel hospital or duly verified by medical superintendent of Government hospital at most by 5th day of the sick leave. In case of any confusion, the management can get the medical certificate verified / cross checked at avoid submission of fake medical certificate.c) Sick leave for more than three days without medical certificate shall not be entertained and shall be marked as absent.d) An employee shall submit “Fitness Certificate” (registered medical practitioner’s opinion) of employees working condition if sick leaves are more than ten days in case of dread disease or severe injury.e) Balance of sick leave can’t be carried over to next service year and shall not be encashed.f) Special medical leave shall be allowed in case of on job injury.g) If any employee does not have balance of sick leave he may use the balance of casual / annual leave after the approval of the management.3. Earned and Privilege Leave (Annual Leave)a) 14 days Annual Leave may be taken only after completion of one year commencing from the date of employment.b) Annual leave balance shall be encashed after completion of 2nd year of service.4. Maternity Leavea) For maternity leave the concerned employee is required to inform the office at least 10 weeks before delivery of child through the report of gynecologist. The leave shall be granted six weeks before the delivery and six weeks after the delivery. The employee can avail M/ Leave once in service after completion of one-year service.b) The employee who has not complete one-year service shall get maternity leave without pay.www.wrtbuzz.com5. Special Leavea) Three days special leave (other than casual leave) in case of self-marriage is allowed once in service to all employees who have completed minimum one year of service.b) The employees are allowed to avail maximum ten days leave in case of self-marriage after completion of one year. 3 days leave as special leave and 7 days leave from the balance of casual leave / annual leave is allowed.c) The employees are allowed to get 3 days special leave with pay in case of death of family member i.e. parents, husband / wife and their children.www.wrtbuzz.com
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