I will do my best not to use the “S” word, because that is all anyone wants to talk about these days. The purpose of today’s technology is about connecting with people. Engaging in interactions and conversations. It’s more than bi-directional, it’s multi-directional.  Everyone thinks it’s all about being social (damn, I said it). 
But, if you take the “social” out of social media, what do you have left? Media. And that means delivering content.
The paradigm has completely flipped. We have been using all of these new tools to search and find people to fill our requisitions. But in a very short period of time, the finding part is no longer the problem. Information about people is everywhere, and accessible to everyone. Now it is all about how you will strike up the conversation.
It requires interesting and meaningful content, and you will need to tap into resources with the knowledge and skills to generate it. And because this is interactive, it is not like setting up a website where you load it up with content once a year. This is Weekly. It’s Daily. It can be Hourly. A lot of the content management platforms are free (or really cheap), so anyone can set up a cool looking website and publish. The playing field has never been more level.
But more importantly it is the quality of the content that matters. We mostly see companies pumping the same tired messaging, static job postings, crappy screening questions, and bullshit sales pitches through the system. A whole lot of talking, and not much listening.
Think about your project, do you have an ongoing content strategy? What information other than Job Postings will you be pumping out to your network? Is there a mechanism for your contacts to contribute to the discussion? How will you keep them interested even if there are no jobs? Who is engaged from your side, an actual hiring manager, or a junior sourcer in a call center?
Whoever can deliver the most interesting and meaningful content, wins!
Original source article: Inside Talent Management Technology