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“If you are going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill said that. I love that quote. It addresses both travel and tough times.   Jason Seiden and I were trading quotes two nights ago walking through the streets of Manhattan. We were on our way to meet a client. The next day we would be a big one for us.   This trip was the culmination of 6 months of selling and then analysis work on an employer brand audit for a major media company that has some PR issues. It was a successful project. There will be more work to implement strategy, and more trips to New York because, that next day, presenting the results to the client team went very well.   Seiden, my partner in this effort, and I have spent a lot of time in New York recently. We’ve decided we’re okay with that.   He and I have been working together for nearly a year and a half. We found a groove. We team up well for presentations at conferences and are equally effective in board rooms. We, and our colleagues at Ajax Social Media, have been showing companies a new way to look at marketing and branding that involves empowering their employees to support the company in their personal social media profiles and activities.   Seiden is an excellent story teller, speaker, and writer. He thinks about the way most people tell their stories online. Most people, he knows, could do it better.  Most people post their outdated resume to their profile and never look at it again until they are searching for a new job.   Along with partner Vincent Gatti, Seiden founded Ajax Social Media with the idea that individual business people could have better online profiles on places like Linkedin by telling their stories vs. posting their resumes. Combine that with a strategy to engage with their audience better and support their employer in the process, and their companies start to look better online to prospects of all sorts.   He took this methodology to some VIPs at Linkedin, and they loved it. Linkedin made Ajax the first Linkedin Live Certified training company in North America, asked Ajax to train Linkedin’s own internal sales teams on how to use Linkedin better, and then asked Ajax to “Pimp Profiles” of attendees of its most recent user conference in Las Vegas.   We are onto something big here. It took us a few months to hone our product and service offering. We now have something valuable and unique in the market. We show companies how to use Linkedin and Social Media for sales and recruiting efficiency and brand amplification, down to the individual employee level. The process, which we call workforce marketing, can make the entire organization look better online.   Seiden and Gatti are building out a vertical in the Financial industry. I was brought in to work mostly with recruiting teams and employer brands. David Fisher (no relation) rounds out the core team with training and product strategy for all areas. We all switch hats as necessary.   “What I learned from Ajax in 5 minutes would have taken me 6 months to learn on my own.”  A digital strategist from a major financial firm said that.   We have been working and travelling intensely. But we are as balanced and practical as possible with family time. It’s a pretty amazing thing that is taking on a life of its own. We are getting calls from major brands all over. People are telling us we are becoming synonymous with LInkedin strategy. We do more than Linkedin. But we are okay with any and all labels.   “Why buy good luggage? You only use it when you travel.” Yogi Berra said that. If you’ve seen my Foursquare updates on Twitter or Facebook over the last couple of years, you know that I’ve lived half my life out of a suitcase.  Those updates are part of my story online.  I choose to have good baggage. How about you?
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