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In a February 2012 Kelton Research survey commissioned by JIBE, 77% of jobseekers with internet capability on their mobile devices said they would be likely to research and apply to jobs from their mobile device (download the white paper here). The mobile capabilities on corporate websites is lagging way behind the demand of our job seekers.
Jibe set out to address this problem and evolve our industry with a new product. It is called Jibe Apply and it allows you to layer an extremely candidate friendly mobile application process right on top of your ugly and clumsy ATS. Job specific pre-screening and all.
I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own two eyes. Essentially what they do is scrape all of the content from the job specific apply process on your career site, and then mirror that in an easy to use mobile application workflow. When a candidate using a mobile device is detected, they go through the apply process on the Jibe app, not your ATS.
Now here is the kicker. Without the use of any integration API’s, Jibe will then put the data directly into your ATS as if the candidate went through the steps themselves. They don’t store any of the data, they just make sure it gets to you and that the candidate has a good experience providing it.
Oh, and in case your ATS does not yet have a LinkedIn integration, applicants can use their LinkedIn profile on the Jibe app. Unfortunately I was unable to get a video clip of the demo, but here is the general workflow:

The demo I received was a mirror image of a Taleo job application process, but let me tell you the image in the mirror looked a whole lot better. Before you go and build a mobile job application, you absolutely must check this out.
We will post a full Jibe product review in the near future.

AuthorEd Newman
Original source article: Inside Talent Management Technology