All has been quiet on the Online Job board front as remaining vendors lick their wounds and try to dazzle for pay days ahead… after all, the mega pay model is floundering as the new shiny toy in town is named “Link” and he wants you “In” side his fine, fine, network, He sure has lots of friends– BIG, HIGH dollar making friends — many with VP after there names– and this sure attracts the corporate contracts… In the months ahead the battle will continue with the 100,000+ job board entities trying to find a market for their wares. Social recruiting is the new buzz and many will adopt “social features” – but ho hummmm, not much is changin with the “old-timey entrenched jobboarders”. Keep an eye on the startups and pure social recruiting plays. I have seen quite a bit of innovation and energy from this group in recent months. BUTSomewhere, in a parallel universe, where Fedora’s are banned… Serious HR, legal, governmental, and recruiting pros are working on a radical model for recruitment. They THINK Differently …..Soon the world will too……..
Original source article: Corporate Recruiting Blog