Tony Blake, Davita’s staffing leader and a former EREExpo master of ceremonies, is on a company supported Bike tour to raise funds for research into diseases that require dialysis.First day was today. 86 miles planned in North East (tony.blake@davita.com). Here is the email he sent last night:Saturday Night, September 17th, Great Barrington, MAIt’s after 9 pm and we’re getting settled for the night. We’re at a beautiful campsite at the “Ski Butternut” resort. After a good dinner of chicken, fish, rice and salad we’re ready to go to bed.Today and tonight it was really nice reconnecting with DaVita teammates from across the country that we’ve met on previous Tours. This is the biggest Tour yet with 420 riders (who raised over $700,000).We have two patients riding this year to provide extra inspiration and motivation. The big news of the night was that Tour DaVita 6 will likely be in Colorado next year. Not surprising since our new HQ building will open next year in Denver, but still exciting.During the day we volunteered at one of seven “Village Service Projects” around the area. Over 100 DaVita teammates participated. Nicole and I helped paint a big Youth Room at a local community center – we really enjoyed serving. Classic Rock was blasting’ on Pandora Radio and we were brushin’ and rollin’…Another project involved renovating a local Youth Center for at-risk teens. This was the culmination of a $130,000 effort (furniture, computers, painting, maintenance and more) that took several weeks and numerous community and DaVita volunteers. The outcome was stunning! It was truly an “extreme makeover.”The Executive Director said the kids were encouraged and would be empowered” by the changes. Amen!Travel on Friday was relatively uneventful – except for the part where the pilots had to lower the landing gear to cool it off – it got too hot on takeoff. Had never experienced THAT at 30,000 feet… However the flights were on-time and we were blessed with a good meal and a good night’s sleep in Hartford.Sunday’s ride is an 86-mile loop that dips into New York. It will be hilly but beautiful and we are looking forward to it. Thanks for your support,Tony
Original source article: CareerXroads