Edgerank is the evil culprit that is most responsible for what you see on your Facebook timeline.  Yes, it has a name.  Facebook is arguably the best tool in social media for engaging your customers or friends. But if you want to be really good at it, below are 3 tips to help you up your game from Carmen Sofia Grant at http://www.suite101.com/.

Facebook Tips for Increasing Engagement and Follower Activity  

By Carmen Sofia Grant

Facebook is an amazing tool for increasing client, reader, and customer engagement. It is a direct conversation with people that want to read your updates. 

Facebook Pages are an amazing way to get your business seen online. Facebook allows you to have a direct conversation with clients and readers and understand what they want, and what they don’t by their online behavior. Facebook monitors your posts and ranks them using their EdgeRank algorithm and there are a few things you can do to strategically get to the top of a feed.

 Always Keep Facebook’s Edgerank in Mind when Posting 

According to Jim Lodico, a contributer at SocialMediaExaminer.com, there are three aspects of the Edgerank algorithm that affect the chance of a post getting seen. Ever notice how you could have hundreds of facebook friends but you only see the posts of maybe 15-20? It isn’t a coincidence. It is Facebook EdgeRank at work finding which posts have the greatest “affinity, interaction, and timeline.”  

Jodico states that affinity is the relationship between you and your friends, interaction is measured by how many people likes, comment, and share a post, and timeliness just refers to how new the post is. 

Therefore, a newer post that is getting a LOT of interaction and is from a person that you normally and consistently interact with is going to get to the top of your timeline. 

Plan your Facebook Status, but Don’t Schedule it through an Aggregator.  

 Using an aggregator to schedule your Facebook status updates is very convenient, but it hurts your Edgerank. The exact process is not known, but if you were to post a status update in Facebook organically versus through an aggregator, like Marketmesuite for example, the organic post will always have a higher rank. Taking the personal time to log into the account and post through the real Facebook page means more to Edgerank than using a cold and impersonal aggregator. So if a post is ridiculously important, post it yourself. It adds affinity to your rank. 

Keep Facebook Status’s Moving 

This happens to everyone. You post something brilliant, and nobody comments. Nobody likes it. Nobody shares it (you can now see who is sharing your status updates on Facebook). If you have a Facebook status flop. Ignore it. Move on, and post something else. Desperation is not attractive on Facebook or in person, so commenting on a lonely post asking for opinions is not a good strategy. Don’t dwell on a stagnant post. Just move on.  

Now that you know a bit about how Edgerank works, apply these tips to all future Facebook posts. Remember to be timely, engaging, and interesting and always gauge what your readers like to give them more of what they want.
Original source article: Fishdogs