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2008 is the year where we have finally reached the tipping point. The point where the promises of these past Net recruiting solutions are shown to be out of favor with new methods emerging as forces in the marketplace. To those of us in the online recruiting strategy role this change has been underway for a few years now, but has yet to surface in the mainstream press in a big way. Plus we must face reality: the online recruiting marketplace is a multi-billion dollar business that feeds not just the employees of each online entity, but also the self-proclaimed gurus and media who are fed via speaking fees, advertising, etc.  It is in the interests of several key groups to keep the multi-billion dollar recruiting industry beast fat and full of corporate cash.Here are some of the factors which I believe will finally force the change:

The results are so bad on many web 1.0 technologies (due to interstitial ads, bad candidate treatment on part of job boards and corporations) that no amount of spin can compensate. Corporate America is dropping the big board mega contracts.
Tracking is here, and unlike the 90’s, employers can more accurately calculate ROI
There are other more cost effective choices – Indeed, SimplyHired, JobCentral Network to name a few and the traffic to the aggregators is rising 100% a year.
The promises to Wall Street of mega profits by several players forces them to once again raise prices on a declining industry – even HR folks eventually “get it” that they are being had.
The recruiting 1.0 folks have lost their cache with the Sr. Leadership of Corporate America – today the buzz is about Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn – not some job board created in the prehistoric 90’s.
The Employers are talking – not to their Recruitment Ad Agencies – But To Each Other! 
I and many of my industry colleagues look forward to having a very public discussion this year of just how poor several of the the top branded sites work….
Original source article: Corporate Recruiting Blog