Any job posting can (and will) attract active job seekers, but only a very special listing will engage and sell the passive “A” and “B” level performers that employers and recruiters most want to recruit. Why is that so? Because top talent is unlike any other talent.
The best and brightest:

are almost always employed, so you have to convince them to go from the devil they know (their current employer) to the devil they don’t (your employer). To do that, you must get rid of generic ad content and highlight the factors that matter most to them.
have the attention span of a gnat, so you have to sell them hard and fast. You must identify your employer’s competitive advantages and then build your ad to lead with those factors and fully describe them.
never look for a job, but instead, search for a career advancement opportunity. That means your ad must promote the special attributes of your employer and its workers as much as the challenge of the opening, itself.
are often Boolean illiterate, because they seldom have much experience searching for a job online. To be effective, therefore, your ad must compensate for that deficiency by removing the impediments to finding it in a job database.

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